A Social Media tip you won’t hear anywhere else

I have to thank David Sr., as he’s called at the company he owns with his son, David Jr., for this social media tip.

They manufacture big pumps and mixers for general construction, which, in Arizona, has been an industry on its back (to put it mildly).  I’m their “marketing guy.”

I hadn’t been around for a while, but had been doing small tasks for David Jr. “until things picked up.”

I decided to stop by and say hi on my way back from another appointment.  “Well, looked what walked in the door,” was my greeting from Senior (he’s pushing 80 and can verbally spar with anyone).  He walked over to me, shook my hand, looked me in the eye and said “How are you going to help us if you’re never around?”

Great question and lesson.  This isn’t about Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook or who does or doesn’t use them.  The lesson for me: social media includes the social medium of face-to-face.

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2 thoughts on “A Social Media tip you won’t hear anywhere else

  1. Alan

    Reminds me of the old airline commercial where the owner of the company passes out plane tickets to his employees so they can go visit customers who haven’t been contacted in a while. I’m guilty of it, too. I’m bad about waiting for my clients to contact me with their requests before asking if there’s anything I can to do help. I guess I was waiting for their tweets.

  2. hamilton Post author

    I absolutely remember that commercial too! And we’re all guilty of falling into a routine (email versus phone or face-to-face, for example). None of us can afford to communicate just one or two ways.

    Thanks Alan, for your voice on this.

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