Getting Past Your Barriers

I recently met Boston Carter.  She calls herself a Task Coach; someone who can help you stay on track and focused on your goals.  And my experience is she’s a good one.  But she’s a lot more.  If you’re looking for a personal or business coach, read on.  I asked Boston to guest post, here, as a way to introduce herself to you, and I invite you to check out what she has to offer.  Take it away, Boston-

You want to do….something. You’ve come up with an idea, yet you still find yourself frozen or sluggish in your efforts without understanding why.

One reason might be that you have to do everything yourself and the list is long. There’s the bookkeeping, marketing, customer service, speaking and I’m sure lots more that is unique to your business.

Another very common reason people aren’t successful at doing what they most love to do, and most don’t realize this, is because you are used to not being successful at what you love. That makes positive process very difficult. I know that common thinking says that if it’s positive it should be easy and great, but it isn’t. No matter where you are going, if it’s very different from where you’ve been, the change will be uncomfortable and you need to make adjustments for that.

There is a third reason that is common for not being successful at what you most love to do and that is how you value your work and what you offer. What is true for most of you is that what you are passionate about is highly valued by you. What is also usually true is that because you value it so much, you are certain that it can’t be any good if it comes from you. You value the work, but not yourself. That paradox will stop you every time.

I offer three solutions for these problems: Solution One: If you know what your passion is but feel overwhelmed in fulfilling it, you need to feel less alone. I want to share the responsibility for your success by being there with you. I will hold you accountable for achieving your goals each week until you feel comfortable managing on your own. My goal is to help you feel less burdened and more structured so you can leave the nest a successful person.

Solution two: I am a certified counselor and I want to help you through your positive process and it is a process. You can’t go from A to Z, without stepping on B through Y, and expect to understand success. I will coach through it one step at a time.

Solution three: I will empower you to change your thinking of self, to value you on a day to day basis so you can get comfortable doing what most matters to you. The world is waiting for what you have to offer and no one else can give it like you can.

I am a powerfully intuitive and compassionate force and my passion is to help you succeed at your passion. I truly believe that if everyone works at what they most love to do, the world can only get better. My name is Boston Carter and I look forward to serving you.




4 thoughts on “Getting Past Your Barriers

  1. hamilton Post author

    Thanks Boston! I’ve been through a session with Boston. She’s all business. She listened intently and was able to synthesize what I’m struggling with into insights and steps I’m able to get my arms around.

  2. Kathy Baxter

    Boston has helped me to clarify what it is that I can really offer to the marketplace, and has persistently kept me on task in making some very big changes to my business model and public interface. Boston works with me from the deepest level of my motivation. Within the month I hope to have a completely revamped web presence that reflects the work I have done with my wonderful task coach. She has helped me to do, in two months, what I wasn’t able to do on my own for six years!

  3. Mark Romero

    Boston has helped me get my priorities straight and determine the best action steps to move my business forward. She has insights that have been very helpful in understanding myself and how I can learn to work with those little behavior patterns that in the past have slowed me down. Really nice having someone keeping me accountable!

  4. Rhonda Callaway

    I have the utmost respect for Boston. She goes beyond what others do in terms of coaching as I truly feel she’s in-tune with people and their needs. Her knowledge and expertise are what is needed to help people reach their goals and dreams. If you want to start taking steps to living a better life, then your first steps should be to check out her site and then contact her for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose except the personal blocks that keep you from being the best person you can be. Boston is just the person to help you realize your full potential and fulfill your dreams.

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