Guy Kawasaki, Twitter King

I guess he is since he’s the most re-tweeted person in the land.  And almost 42K people following him on Twitter.  And we all know who he is, sort of.  But have you been to his website?  I hadn’t until it dawned on me what a crowd this guy has attracted.  A wonderful aggregator of information.  Not a new concept (OriginalSignal and Popurls), but clearly improved version of a good concept.  A very interesting alternative to Google on some levels.

One thought on “Guy Kawasaki, Twitter King

  1. Teresa

    I like finding someone who understands the power of twitter, because saddly, it is either abused, or it is not used at all for pramotions and providing value to the market. Cool find, please keep it coming.
    Have you checked out Gary Vandercheck, He took his winery from struggeling to six figures using social media. way cool.

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