Murphy-Goode gets it

If I wore a hat I’d take it off to Murphy-Goode winery for the innovative, no, actually, the obvious approach they’re taking to hire a director of social media.  Basically: create a 60-video telling them why they should hire you to launch their social media effort.   In addition to people like me knowing about it and telling other people about it and what I imagine to be a fair amount of general publicity, judging from just a handful of the 50 finalists’ videos I’ve seen, they’ll get a great person.  I would love to know how many views all these videos are getting.  Think about it.  Each one a commercial of sorts for the brand.

Here are some of my favorites.  Some are just great videos, others show people who would make great applicants for the job.  Bottom line, where are some of the most interesting videos being shot?  By the applicants for this job!


One thought on “Murphy-Goode gets it

  1. Mo

    The first video is phenomenal. It even gave you a feeling of happiness as everyone smiles throughout the walk….almost willing you to love her before you know anything about her. (Other than whats listed in the video)

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