The Most Powerful Marketing Question for Q4 2008

How can I help you get through this mess?

As a small business marketing consultant I’m called into companies more often when things are bad.  These days, however, things are different.  I first wrote about the slowdown in December of 2007, warning small business owners to check their marketing message (as economic conditions change, so do buying motivations).

What’s the most powerful marketing question for today?  It’s the question you should be asking your top customers: 

How can I help you get through this mess?

Think about it.  If a vendor came to you and asked you this question, how would you feel?  Like they were on your side, like they cared, like they are in this with you.  Well, guess what, we’re all in this together.  What happens to your customers happens to you.  Eventually.

So, start asking this question and you’ll get some interesting answers.

2 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Marketing Question for Q4 2008

  1. Barbara Bix


    Marketing research is always helpful. Will you be publishing the answers that you got to this question–and how you’ve stepped in to help? I think this might make for an interesting post.

  2. hamilton Post author

    Yes, actually, I will. I’ve had two lunches with clients to ask the question. I’m having a brainstorming session in two weeks with selected vendors on the topic and another one for clients in three weeks. Simple question, interesting answers. Will blog about it.

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