The New and Improved Free

The old free, to anyone over 25, wasn’t free.  There was usually a catch.  The new free, to anyone under 25, is just sort of the way things are.

The new free is changing marketing according to Chris Anderson (Editor of Wired magazine) in his new book titled “Free.”  You can read it here, free, of course.  You can also buy it.  He was right about the Long Tail when he wrote that book, which makes me perk up and pay attention to this one.

Again, my question, assuming he’s on to something, and a question I’d love to read your answer to in a comment:

If your sales revenue depended on how well you educate/connect with/give value to people who want what you sell, and how many of those people you educate/connect with/give value to, for free, how would that change your marketing?

One thought on “The New and Improved Free

  1. hamilton Post author

    For me, so far, it has meant teaching myself to do free web casts; the technology, the presentation, etc. I’ll be introducing “Free Advice Fridays” soon, an hour each Friday morning when you can ask me anything–basically get free consulting–as long as you don’t mind having other people watch. The concept, of course, is allow people to see you do what you do, free, so they are more likely to hire you to do it for them. Nothing new or earth-shattering, but new for me.

    What about you?

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