What Google Plus Teaches About Small Business Marketing Success

I’ve been playing with Google Plus for a week or so and have taken to it quickly.  I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and FriendFeed.  Sort of.  I’m there because I need to understand them for my business and my clients’ businesses.  But must admit to not feeling “at home” anywhere.

So, why has G+ engaged me?  For the same reasons the iPod took off; just about everything it does is simpler, easier and more intuitive.  The same reasons many products and services get traction and go on to success when others don’t:

The little things.

You’ve had this experience.  A tool you pick up just feels right.  You open a new piece of software and it just works.  You sit in a car and everything’s where “it should be.”  Nothing reinvented about any of these.  Just a lot of little things were changed.

There’s a good article that talks about the four “fixes” to social sharing G+ delivers.  It’s just. . .simpler and easier to use.  So simple, in fact, a few people I’ve invited to G+ have been perplexed, expecting to do what you normally do to start; complete a profile, blah, blah, blah.  You download a small piece of software and your account is live.  You’re up and running.   It.  Just.  Works.

And that’s the point.  What is it about your website — all your marketing tools — that can be tweaked (and tweaked and tweaked) to improve the little things?



One thought on “What Google Plus Teaches About Small Business Marketing Success

  1. Joel

    Im loving Google+. I never cared for facebook, and I like twitter but usually don’t have much to say on it. Google+ is so nice because you can set up circles for different audiences, something that I facebook lacks. Also facebook has lost my trust by constantly making private information public with little to no notice to the users. I don’t like micromanaging my social networks constantly to make sure my privacy setting have been changed.

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