Hello from Hamilton - I'm testing the idea of including a forum by including a forum. It took it live one week ago. If you see value in it I'll keep it.

The Best Idea I've Heard This Week:


I try to take something -- some type of learning -- from everything I do. The discipline of asking myself what's the best idea I've heard from the week helps me put ideas into practice.

The best idea for this week: I was reading about The Blue Man Group. I've seen them three times live; amazing. Anyway, when they were nothing more than street performers in New York they tried to do something their audience couldn't do in the first 60 seconds of each show. Which, in their case, was catch marshmallows in their mouths.

I've put that into my online meetings (Skype and gotomeeting) with screen annotations. I bought a Wacom tablet and use a free tool called Epic Pen to draw on any screen.

It's not as cool as catching marshmallows in your mouth, but it does get attention.

How about you??


  • hamilton
    edited June 2017

    This is cheating some, since it's actually a book, and I put it in the book discussion. Here I'll talk about the idea. A client wanted to go after "whales". That is, a small handful of large prospects. I'm a big believer in what I call 3D mailings, what the author calls Contact Marketing. Very simply, sending something three dimensional. A wrench (We can help you fix things...), a book, stuffed animal, super soaker squirt gun. You get the idea. Doable when you only want to reach a small number of high value prospects.

    I was reminded of the success we've had with small groups of prospects. There are a couple rules that apply. You can buy the book or drop a comment and I'm happy to explain.

  • DerrickT

    Hey, thanks. I bought the book in ebook form and we're going to send out 10 Craftsman wrenches that are an unusual size. We sell a software tool and our customers are mostly men. Will let you know how it goes.

  • hamilton

    I'd love to hear how it goes. Remember, not everything about a campaign works when the campaign works there's always room to improve. AND, as importantly, not everything about a campaign that doesn't work didn't work. Consider making changes and trying again.

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