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What's your biggest marketing challenge?

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The more specific you can be, the better the discussion (the more likely you are to get suggestions).

"We need more prospects" won't get much activity. Add the type of business you have, how you prospect now, the type of prospect you want to attract, etc. Give people information to work from.


  • Sam123

    We help hospitals collect a small type of account they have difficulty collecting. We are unique in the industry and get great referrals. But I know we can grow faster. We advertise in one of three industry publications and attend the AAHAM conference annually. We are also a member.

    Is there something else we can do? We've thought about going into a second magazine.

  • hamilton

    Hello Sam - Samantha (??),

    My best advice is to ask five of your most recent new customers how they would have looked for a firm like yours if they hadn't heard about you from a referral, ad or conference. If you are that unique and nobody truly would be looking for you because they don't know your type of firm exists, ask them how they go about looking for a new vendor in general. Then I'd attempt to align my marketing with that or those strategies.

    Without first doing that, shooting from the hip:

    I glanced at the AAHAM association site. They appear to serve business offices of hospitals, so I'm assuming your target decision-maker is the business office manager or perhaps there is a manager in charge of A/R or collections?? With a target customer this specific, direct marketing is a reasonable choice. This may be another reason to make those customer interviews so you can ask "If I wanted to locate a list of people like you, where would I look?"

    IF you can get your hands on a reputable list (first name, last name, title, etc.) I'd have you consider sending a traditional business letter stating your case. Or email if you have email addresses. You may even have this information as part of your AAHAM membership. I'd also test doing telephone follow-up with 50 letter or email recipients within three days of their receiving your info.

    You can also grow word-of-mouth by simply communicating with your current clients on a regular basis using email. Send content that has value to them. This is not a newsletter (Sally just started with us - We just moved - Pictures of our company picnic). Keep it to industry news, policy or procedure suggestions, best practices, links to interesting articles. Start out monthly. I know it sounds simple, but believe me, it works.

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