Will This Be a Different Christmas for You?

We did something with a client this year that’s worth sharing with you.  Instead of the traditional holiday email card with a meaningful thought we decided to ask their customers to share their favorite Christmas stories; then pick a few and share the stories back out with their customers.

We were overwhelmed.  With the number; over 1,400 people shared a story.  And with the stories themselves.  People described important and powerful  moments, and many actually thanked us for asking.

Every one was read.  Many, many tears attested to genuine humanity we were privileged to glimpse.  Cliff Batson, PERRLA’s COO, best summed up how most of us felt after this experience.  And it is my message for you:

Life is uncertain.  If you thought this Christmas was your last, what would you do differently?

Click here to read their top Christmas stories.

What is your favorite Christmas story?  Leave it as a comment.  The first comment’s mine.

2 thoughts on “Will This Be a Different Christmas for You?

  1. hamilton Post author

    Christmas, 2nd grade or thereabouts, and I desperately wanted a Peter Gunn snub-nosed 38 cap pistol AND shoulder holster. Peter Gunn was a very cool TV detective and his was the first shoulder holster I’d ever seen (yes, I’m THAT old!).

    Sure enough, it was under the tree Christmas day! I remember putting it on and feeling my life was totally, sublimely complete.

    Later I was off to strut my ultimate gift. The first kid I bumped into was “the new kid.” I didn’t know him well, but thought he’d due. I showed him my gun and he instantly lit up, “That’s what I wanted too!!” Except he didn’t get the Peter Gunn snub-nosed 38 cap pistol with shoulder holster. He got a top. A wooden thing you wrap a string around, throw just right and it spins. That’s it.

    Then he takes me to his room to show me his top. His room is a cot with a night stand next to it and a foot locker as a headboard, separated from the rest of a tiny house by a movable screen. Barely 50 square feet. Barely.

    I’ll never forget my free fall from sublime completeness in my life to confusion. I remember describing what had happened to my mom and asking if they were “poor people.” No, she said, they were good, decent people, they just didn’t have as much as we had.

    Each year during the holidays I think about that moment and try to do our share for the good, decent people who just don’t have as much as we have.

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