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Jacoby & Meyers

Plaintiff’s personal injury law Phoenix, AZ

Company – Jacoby & Meyers, Phoenix, AZ

Product: Plaintiff’s Personal Injury.

Situation: An established brand  was disappearing.

Solution: Jacoby & Meyers is what is known as an “advertising law firm.”  That is, a firm that provides legal services to lower to middle income people and attracts its market by advertising on television and outdoor.  The firm hadn’t changed their marketing approach in several years and, as a result, watched their business shrink each year for three long years.  We recommended a radical new advertising strategy and, to our utter amazement, the partners agreed to try it.  We completely scrapped the traditional positioning model (showing a lawyer trying to look sincere, professional and tough, or using testimonials) and created a blue bulldog cartoon character for easy recall and to represent a more accessible firm, added a jingle to boost recall even more and introduced a 25% discount fee as their unique selling proposition.  In a no growth/slow growth industry their business increased 62% the first year.  We then assisted the partners in a name change to Petersen Johnson.  Their revenues went down, as we knew they would, but we were able to minimize the decrease and build the business back up by keeping the bulldog, jingle and 25% discount fee.  In the year of their name change business went up 31%.  This represented a return to their height as Jacoby & Meyers, a recognizable, established brand, in just 10 months. They then fired us in search of a firm they thought could give them more media buying experience (go figure. . .lawyers!).  After two years of absolutely no growth they hired us back.  We grew their revenues 18% the first year back and are now helping them add  bankruptcy and criminal practices to their personal injury practice.