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Tim Denning has it right when he reminds us that writing to generate the most readership (or online views) is the shortest path to bad writing.  He says, “By not focusing on views and being obsessed with creativity, your views will explode. And you might just realize, like I did, that your creativity is what you should be working on, not your view count. Take back the responsibility for your writing by working away at the art of creativity.”

This isn’t about writing, though. Marketing to appeal to the most people is the shortest path to unhappiness. I say, express YOUR yawp, be the company you really are, not the person or company you think will by liked by or attractive to the most people. Work on yourself and your company. Work on being as clear and transparent as possible about who you are and why you’re different.

What about you? What are you working on? Appealing to more people? Adding reasons to buy? Or are you working on clarifying why you are different, who you are, and the type of customer you prefer working with? If you were a writer I’d offer Denning’s advice: write what you’re passionate about and then work to get it in front of people you think are interested in what you write. If you own a business I’d advise: focus on clarifying and expressing who you are and why you’re uniquely you, and getting that message in front of people interested in what you are.

Being who you really are is much more satisfying and fun then trying to be something you’re not. Not to mention a better strategy for growing sales. And that’s your Silver Bullet; your too-good-to-be-true-because-it’s-so-simple answer. Just be more of who you are. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not always.

Sometimes capturing that true expression of who you are is an elusive beast. Strange, I know, but it can be (and usually is). Next, changing the things that aren’t you. And there are more than you think.

Sound like fun? It is. Send me an email if you agree.