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I’m doing something new and wanted to tell you about it. Marketing 101 Online – for Small Business Owners. Free one-hour Zoom sessions that focus on getting small businesses through this crazy time we’re in and out the other side. I’ll be in conversation with another marketing consultant, Vikram Nagrath, as we launch a six-part series on how to get more warm leads from your website.

We will launch the series in April. If you want an invitation to this free series, click here to send me an email. Add “I’m in.” in the Subject Line and we’ll send you an invitation when our schedule is firmed up.

Our goal is to show you, teach you, and encourage you to put the things we know work into your marketing. We know they work because we’ve been part of them working. They don’t work every time, we’ve been part of that, too. But consider this a chance to hear from guys who have done the things they’ll tech you to do. Pay attention, ask questions, and take on step at a time you can take real, proven steps to improve your marketing and grow your business in this uncertain time.

These aren’t “Eat the food you love and lose the weight you want” type things. They’re real. And you can do them.

We teach on two levels: human nature; and how to. You need both. If your how-to ignores human nature, you won’t connect with people — you won’t move them. If your message connects but your how-to — your implementation — is weak, nothing happens.

We are Hamilton Wallace and Vikram Nagrath. I’ve been a marketing consultant for hundreds of companies over 39 years and have been a student of human nature my entire adult life. Vik has fewer companies and years (14+), but he “gets under the hood” and is tenacious at implementation. Together, while we regrettably don’t know everything, we know a lot. And by “know” I mean we put it through the homework/idea/implement/measure/fix/repeat process. The same process we’ll teach you.

Click here to send me an email and we’ll make sure you know about our next six-session series, How to Produce More WARM Leads from Your Website. Add “I’m in.” in the Subject Line and we’ll send you a reminder.