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Last week an owner said something I hear often when people discuss growing their business with me. He was struggling with which CRM package to buy (Customer Relationship Management software), whether to go with a virtual or part-time admin person, how to hire or outsource content writing, office space, etc., etc. And his struggle was stopping him.

He was worried about issues that wouldn’t be issues for another year. It’s hard (and a little scary) to figure out all the steps before you take that first one. And while I’m NOT against planning, planning can be that safe spot that’s hard to move out of and into action.

My advice to him, and to you: take that first step, whatever that first step is. It’s not as risky as you think. In fact, it’s a small leap, not a big one. If you “fall”, it’s not into a deep crevasse full of alligators. You’ll land right back where you are now. Plus, that small leap clarifies the next step and that step reveals what the next step should be. Each step is a smaller leap than the last as a result.