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Virtual Director of Marketing

You’d love to hire a Director of Marketing, someone who is a great sounding board and leverage point for your ideas. Someone who also brings new ideas, steers you clear of mistakes and helps you make better choices with the dollars you spend.

But it doesn’t make sense. So how about a Virtual Director of Marketing?

You can have this type of relationship with me. The goal, of course, is to grow your sales faster than you could alone.This generally breaks down into some combination of re-discovering why people really buy from you, doing a better job at telling that story and then executing, executing, executing.

How My Virtual Director of Marketing Relationship Works:

We meet weekly at an agreed upon day and time via net meeting. We typically spend 45 minutes together; addressing your concerns and/or working through a process of discovery, action and refinement.The first session generally sets expectations and gets many of your “I’ve been wondering abouts” out. I’m a firm believer in testing.We will be doing a lot of listening, probing, implementing, learning, refining and iterating.

I’m available via phone, net meeting & email

I am available between weekly sessions via email and phone to maintain momentum (I don’t ever want you to feel you have to wait until our next session to deal with something.). I’m all in. I own your marketing.

The balance of my time is invested where it can serve you best

I write and refine sales copy, interview customers, review design, evaluate current marketing or marketing opportunities, and make recommendations, etc. Hard costs such as design, printing, Google Ads charges, etc., are not part of the monthly fee.We can certainly do things like this for you, but these are separate from and in addition to the VDM fee.

No strings attached

There is no long-term formal commitment. But I do ask for an expectation that it will take six months to do the homework necessary to make INFORMED choices, act on those choices and iterate enough times that we both have a clear idea of what’s working. No, this does not mean that you have to wait six months to expect the first results, or you have to wait six months before we get a campaign live. We work much faster than that. In fact, we’re typically implementing on new initiatives within 45 to 60 days. But experience shows six months is a reasonable time-frame to know if we want to continue. From the beginning, if you or I feel it isn’t working, a 30-day notice is all that’s required.

Most relationships run $1,500 per month, with a range from $750 to $3,000. Paid in advance for each 30-day period worked, via credit card.

You’re this far into the page because something I said struck a chord. Call (602-369-1009, Mountain Time) or email me.

If I’m available I’m happy to talk about what’s going on with you.And if I’m not right for you, I might be able to refer you to the right marketing consultant.I have mentored a handful of really smart people who may even be a better fit than me.