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You think about trying something new. For a LONG TIME. You’re sure it will work (people will respond how you think they will). Then you finally try it. And you’re surprised. Hell, I’m surprised most of the time and people pay me to be right.

Getting surprised isn’t a problem as long as you pay attention, accept those surprises, and peddle like mad to respond and change based on what you learn (those surprises). We did our homework for a residential remodeling contractor and came back with a solid marketing plan. The recommendation I had the least confidence in ended up being the one that worked. It didn’t just work, it crushed. It was like a slot machine that always paid off. You put your money in, pulled the lever, and 10X money poured out. That was a surprise; one we rode hard for three years.

Which reminds me of a quote:

“Let me fall if I must fall. The one I will become will catch me.”

It takes a lot of courage to try something new. Falling (getting surprised) is not fun. And knowing you’ll be strong enough to catch yourself and go on, that’s tough too.

But it’s true. You can do it. And you’ll be there to catch yourself, adjust, and move on.


The “Let me fall…” quote is attributed to Baal Hem Tov who is said to have lived in the early 1700s. Many historians, however, believe he was just a legend. Others believe he was Isarel ben Eliezer, founder of the Hasidic movement of Judism. No matter; to whomever wrote the quote, thank you, it has served me well.