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hamilton wallace marketing consultant fail your way to successYou have to be willing (and comfortable) being wrong to be right.

Take it from an expert.  At being wrong, that is.

Being wrong is simply the early stages of being right.  But to make this true you must do the following:

Move forward with small tests or experiments.  Some small business owners hear words like test and experiment and get queasy. A test or experiment means you make some assumptions, you do your best to be as right as possible and then you execute on that. The key here is your executing in small steps.  Fail small.  Fail often.

Pay attention.  With each step you take you learn something. With each thing you learn you make adjustments and take the next step. The problem I see most small business owners get into is they’re juggling so many balls in the air they don’t evaluate results and make adjustments. So, when they try something new, and it’s not obviously profitable from day one, they don’t make any modifications or refinements. Boom, that didn’t work!!  And that’s a problem.You know, I’m pretty good at what I do. Marketing is all I do. But if I had to be hundred percent right the first time on everything I tried, I’d have a pretty short marketing career. Is that how you judge your marketing? It shouldn’t be. That’s an unrealistic yardstick.

Don’t stop. The only way you can truly fail is to stop. “Oh, _______ doesn’t work.”  Insert anything: Adwords, email, postcards, social media. When the reality is you probably stopped before you succeeded.

It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to fail. As long as you fail small, fail often, pay attention to what did and didn’t work, make adjustments and take the next step. And never stop.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No. So, it started!